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Re: Bug#492157: ITP: apollo -- The Apollo Solr Server

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Hi Guus,

Your other comments are out of date (see the BTS for full bug report
e-mail conversation), however many thanks for your reply. This feedback
is important though:

> Finally, it seems Solr is already packaged by the Debian Java
> Maintainers, see http://packages.debian.org/solr-tomcat5.5. If there is
> anything in your package that is not in theirs, please coordinate with
> them.

I'll start out by saying that I'm quite happy NOT to package this
separately if that's the general consensus. In fact, I hoped this
particular discussion would ensue as I certainly don't want to be
spending my time maintaining a package that nobody wants!

However in reply to the above suggestion, I would point out that apollo
takes a different approach to theirs, as it creates a single instance of
the jetty-based example from the Solr tarball, then constructs a
framework around that which provides two important features lacking in
the above:

  master/slave replication, out-of-the-box from debconf
  multiple Solr instances running on the same machine

Apollo also installs nicely on the current stable (etch) which was one
of the drivers for creating something myself, and not using the above,
which at the time of testing did not. Apollo has been running on etch in
our client production systems for a year now. Given that lenny is not
yet released, and even when it is there will be a *lot* of etch servers
running out there for a long while, I think this is still a very useful

I obviously looked at the above Debian Maintainers packages solr-common,
solr-jetty and solr-tomcat initially, when starting out to build the
above-mentioned applications for our clients, however the fact that they
didn't install on our stable (etch) production servers was a blocker.
Hence apollo came into being.

I should also add that apollo is currently built as a native Debian
package, where the Solr tarball is downloaded in the build process, and
then bits of it used to construct the apollo binary package.

I look forward to your comments on the above, and also on this packaging
approach. If you (or anyone) wants a preview of the package, then let me

As I began by saying, it could be that this package isn't deemed to be
useful or suitable for Debian. That's fine with me, my motivation was to
make available something that I had already built and am currently using
in production systems, to other potential users of Solr.

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