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Re: Bug#491156: ITP: postgresql-8.3-plr -- Procedural language interface between PostgreSQL 8.3 and R

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille wrote:
> This package was removed from Debian (see #228074, which can not be
> reopened because it is archived).  The reason that it is RC buggy) is
> void because #461995 took me 1 Minute to fix (well, you can blame me
> for not having this done before the removal - the package was just not
> on my focus).  The other reason "few users" is probably right considering
> popcon, but this as the only reason to remove a package is not enough.
> I think upgradebility from Etch to Lenny is a much higher value.
> So I ask for reintroducing this package quickly.

The package was removed after noone was interested in maintaining it for
four(!) years. Unless you plan to diligently maintain it, please do not
reintroduce it into Debian. Contrary to what could be the perception
when looking at some packaging efforts, Debian is not an encyclopedia of
every bit of source that has ever been available on the net.
If plr is unmaintained, it should not be released with lenny.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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