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Re: Xen status in lenny?

Bastian Blank wrote:
> Xen got a often used technique in the last two years. All of the large
> distributions got some sort of support for it. Debian Etch have full
> support for it. There was several requests of various people so I think
> not providing at least a minimal support in Lenny is wrong.
> I think option 4 would be the solution which produces the least amount
> of extra work and provides our users with support for there systems. I
> would provide the necessary packages but I want an okay for that
> solution from the security and the release team.

Since there's now a sixth option - the forward-ported XenSource patch to
SLES's 2.6.26 - could we test this patch before we decide on a plan?

To me using the forward-ported SLES patch for Lenny and switching to pvops
post-Lenny seems ideal.


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