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Re: font policy changes

unifoundry@unifoundry.com writes:

> 3) Even if "mkfontdir" were invoked directly or if it's okay to give
> "update-fonts-dir" an absolute path (in which case its man page needs to
> be updated and the warning removed), isn't it also advisable to run
> "xset fp rehash" in postinst and postrm scripts?  That program is the
> standard mechanism for updating installed fonts on recent versions of
> X11, including in Debian and other GNU/Linux distributions.

Hm.  That's an interesting thought, although it's going to fail if no X
server is currently running, correct?

> 5) If I wanted to have symbolic links checked with dh_link, what is the
> preferred way to enter an absolute path to your current location in the
> file?  Should I "just know" that the path will be
> "/usr/share/<packagename>/", or will putting "$(CURDIR)/file.extension"
> work in the debian/<package>.links file, or is there some other
> preferred method?

You should provide the full path of the target file to dh_link.  dh_link
will then do whatever is necessary to make it a Policy-compliant link.  So
if you're linking to a file in /usr/share/<package>, the source should
start with that.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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