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Re: Bug#490702: ITP: pencil -- Traditional animation/drawing software

Janne Jokitalo <astraljava@kapsi.fi> (13/07/2008):
> * Package name    : pencil
>   Version         : 0.4.4b
>   Upstream Author : Pascal Naidon <naidon@yahoo.fr> Patrick Corrieri <patrick@latahpixel.com>
> * URL             : http://www.les-stooges.org/pascal/pencil/
> * License         : GPL
>   Programming Lang: C++
>   Description     : Traditional animation/drawing software

Hi Janne,

> Pencil is an animation/drawing software for Mac OS X, Windows, and
> Linux.

unsure the platforms are relevant in the Debian long description of the

> It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using
> both bitmap and vector graphics. Animations can be exported as Flash
> animations.

> Pencil is free and open source.

unsure it's needed in the description of a package belonging to main.

Besides that, I'd be happy to help you with this package if you need (it
looks like it might be your first package), be it for comaintenance or
for sponsorship.


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