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Re: RFC: Removal of user/groups

This one time, at band camp, Carl Fürstenberg said:
> Per an discussion in IRC about removal of user or groups when purging
> packages, I though of asking for comments about a proposal of updating
> the policy.
> Basically the idea is that, if a package is creating an user or an
> group, that is dynamically allocated, then the package may not remove
> that user/group when purging the package.
> The reason is that, first, for dynamically allocated user/groups, more
> than one package might use/create the same user/group.
> Second, the package in question might create files using that
> user/group during it's execution.
> Third, recreating the user/group later might not result in the same ID
> (I assume at least).
> For static allocated user/groups, I don't think it's a much of a
> problem to remove the user/group, as only one package is going to
> create that user/group, and it will always have the same ID.
> What do you think?

I think it would be helpful to use the previous 400 discussions of the
same topic as a starting point, and only bring it up again if there are
new arguments.
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