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Re: Help: Strange 64bit issue

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, Manuel Prinz wrote:

With these fixes it still did not build on my system. I needed to change
the Build-Depends on lib64z1-dev into zlib1g-dev to get it to build in a
clean pbuilder chroot.

Well, I guess that lib64z1-dev will not exist for amd64 and that this
whole mess is just caused by the multiarch stuff.  It's the first time
that I have to deal with this and I have the impression that I try to
add just problems with no real profit for the user of the program.
Probably I should just exclude the -m64 switch when building for i386
and everything will work fine.

BTW, how could I specify arch dependant Build-Depends (in case some
hint might reveal a multiarch solution)?

I cannot reproduce this on my amd64 machine. With the change mentioned
above it builds fine and I'm able to run /usr/bin/maq on both lenny and
sid. Some output:

I expect this in 64bit machines - but Charles had problems on hie PowerPC
as well ...

Kind regards



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