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Re: Clarify what "sensible behaviour" is for init scripts

On Fri, 04 Jul 2008, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Here's a try (against current master branch):
> diff --git a/policy.sgml b/policy.sgml
> index c9bd84f..772afce 100644
> --- a/policy.sgml
> +++ b/policy.sgml
> @@ -5946,9 +5946,11 @@ rmdir /usr/local/share/emacs 2>/dev/null || true
>  	    The <file>init.d</file> scripts must ensure that they will
>  	    behave sensibly if invoked with <tt>start</tt> when the
>  	    service is already running, or with <tt>stop</tt> when it
> -	    isn't, and that they don't kill unfortunately-named user
> +	    isn't (in particular, they should not exit with a non-zero
> +            error code), and that they don't kill unfortunately-named user
>  	    processes.  The best way to achieve this is usually to use
> -	    <prgn>start-stop-daemon</prgn>.
> +	    <prgn>start-stop-daemon</prgn> and its <tt>--oknodo</tt>
> +            option.
>  	  </p>
>  	  <p>

Seconded.  It is unfortunate that we need such explanations for the obvious,
but we certainly *do* need them.

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  them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond
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  Henrique Holschuh

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