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where to document $DVCS branch layout

As per subject: do we already have a best practice for that?

The problem I'm trying to solve is how to know "where" to work on a
package maintained using a $DVCS. debcheckout is not enough, as it
usually checks out just one branch, which has different logics in
different packages. For example, it can be the integration branch with
changes already applied to upstream sources. Or it can be a debianized
source tree with patches under debian/patches/ which have been
_generated_ using git-format-patch (real life example: dash). Working on
these two scenarios is quite different ...

Now, we have debian/README.source, but according to my reading of policy
4.14 it is not evident that it is the right place where to document
branch layout. The only part of that which *might* be related is where
it is mentioned how to package a new upstream version.

I do not think we should try to standardize machine parseable formats
for this kind of information, a human readable file would do. And I do
think that debian/README.source is the right place, but we should
mention it explicitly in policy then.


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