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Packaging a module that overwrites kernel-provided files

I'm currently having issues with a Broadcom Netxtreme II 5708 card when
used with Xen on Debian Etch. Basically, using kernel 2.6.18 it works,
but as soon as either a bridge or a  routed network under Xen is
started, it stops receiven packages. The servers (cause they are many)
must remain using Debian Etch and using Xen, so Etch-and-half is of no

This is a known issue with the card, and they have been solved in the
latest drivers [1] provided by Broadcom, which I've already built and
tested using linux-headers, and confirmed proper behaviour.

The thing is I want to keep using the Debian provided linux-2.6.18
packages, to be able to keep up to date with security fixes, but I need
to use these drivers. I have attempted to package the driver as a kernel
module, and I'm pretty much done there, but I would like to know the
proper way to indicate the fact that this module _overwrites_ modules
provided by the kernel (bnx2)

Is there a document or package I could follow as an example?

[1] http://www.broadcom.com/support/ethernet_nic/netxtremeii.php
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