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Re: Pre-Depends addition for debconf on package rar

Quoting Martin Meredith (mezzle@gmail.com):
> As mrvn pointed out to me earlier, rar's licence should be displayed to
> the user before the package is installed.
> To this end, I plan to add a preinst script which displays the licence
> to the user, and lets them agree or disagree to the licence.

Bleh. Yet another debconf note interrupting installs. Well, OK, that
seems unavoidable for these stupid license issues.

As a special recommendation, I suggest *not* making this
translatable. There is no point in translating a license.

For this, do not prepend "Description" with an underscore in the
templates file. Or, even better, just make the note's title
translatable but not the license text. The suggestions below may help
you fine tuning this.

More particularly, if you intend adding *another* note such as a
boolean note saying something like "Do you agree with that stupid
license and continue installating the package", I suggest:

- asking for a review on debian-l10n-english. Do it by mailing the
list and attaching the original debian/<whatever>.templates file

- once the review settled for a final text, send a call for
translations *before* uploading with a reasonable delay for us
(translators) to do our work. I'll indicate you how to do this in the
review process (basically, this involves using the
"podebconf-report-po" tool)

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