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Bug#486192: RFH: darcs -- an advanced revision control system

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the darcs-server package.

Specifically, I need one or two volunteers to help me by testing
prospective packages (prior to uploading to Debian) to make sure that
darcs-server works correctly.

Since I don't use darcs-server personally and don't know how to test
it, it's currently possible for me to accidentally break the package
and not realize it until AFTER the broken package hits Debian.  The
only testing it currently gets is "did it build without errors, and
does the script exist in the .deb?"

The package description is:
 This package contains the cgi script which allows users to
 conveniently browse your repositories on the web.  Darcs is a
 revision control system, along the lines of CVS or arch.

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