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Re: Bug#485553: ITP: charybdis -- fast, scalable irc server

On 11412 March 1977, William Pitcock wrote:

> So, in a nutshell, nobody in the current IRCd development community
> cares about perceived GPL+OpenSSL compatibility issues, so only Debian
> does, which is "ok", but that's not so useful when Debian is already
> shipping packages linked against OpenSSL with no exception (see below).

> Here's some packages which are linked against OpenSSL and should not be
> (this is not an all exhaustive list, you should grep-dctrl on a Sources
> or something):

> So, in the grand scheme of things, I don't really think one more package
> linked against OpenSSL is going to hurt anything.

Feel free to file bugs, thats why the BTS is open for everyone.

But thanks that you told us which package to not accept but just reject
from NEW. Always good to have people help us.

bye, Joerg
Contrary to common belief, Arch:i386 is *not* the same as Arch: any.

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