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Re: Bug#484009: Bug#484129: release.debian.org: packages in tasks should be fixed in priority and removed in last resort after discussion

On Wed June 4 2008 13:53:58 Steve McIntyre wrote:
> If you're so keen on using your own version of testing as your own
> special distribution, then all the packages and tools are available to
> allow you to maintain it for yourself.


We use simple cross-distro scripts, in some ways similar to Dak
and Britney.  For Debian Testing systems these scripts do indeed
select packages from Unstable to fill the gaps in Testing.
Unfortunately, such scripts are not useful to Debian newbies.

> We've made it abundantly clear over the years why our version
> of testing exists and how it's going to be managed.

The discussion was about improving Debian by making Debian more
useful for actual and potential Debian users.  It's unfortunate
that millions of person-hours of work are funnelled only into
the highly-stable but always-aged Stable, when one simple change
could make that work much more relevant and useful for desktops
and laptops and newer servers, and without harming Stable.

> End of story.


--Mike Bird

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