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RFH: Bug #481575: courier: FTBFS

During the l10n NMU campaign, some work was done on "courier", in the
usual "l10n NMU" way:

-send an intent to l10n NMU
-wait for 10 days to get a reaction
-send a call for l10n updates and new translations
-wait for 8 days
-build the NMU

However, building the NMU fails and lead to /me reporting #481575.

As of now, I got no news from Stefan, the package maintainer, about
this package.

So, the work is still pending in my spool...

From what I see, fixing that bug is probably fairly easy for anyone
with a little more clue than me. So, may I request for clued people to
have a look at this bug report and help me (and indirectly the package
maintainer) to find a solution?

I have no specific interest in courier. I just want to move along...:)

PS: the package has another RC bug as it apparently provides non free
RFC documents.

Many thanks in advance to people who will have a look at this.


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