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possible mass-bug filing on fc-cache-using packages

Hi folks,

I noticed the other day that there are quite a few packages like
ttf-bitstream-vera which do the following in

  if [ "$1" = configure -a -x /usr/bin/fc-cache ]
    echo -n "Regenerating fonts cache... "
    HOME=/root fc-cache -f -v 1>/var/log/fontconfig.log 2>&1 || \
    (echo "failed; see /var/log/fontconfig.log for more information."; \
    exit 1)
    echo "done."

This is wrong. Using ()'s creates a subshell, and exit then only
exits the subshell, not the postinst (which I believe it's supposed
to do). The code either needs an "|| exit $?" appended, or {}'s
should be used. Compare

  sh -c '( echo foo; exit 1; ); echo bar' 
  sh -c '{ echo foo; exit 1; }; echo bar' 

The reason seems to be brainless cut-n-pasting.

I think this calls for a mass-bug filing on fc-cache-using packages,
severity minor. But instead of having everyone fix this, I wonder
why debhelper isn't taking care of this. Thoughts?

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