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Re: RFS: figtoipe / difficulties with Replaces:

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 03:48:03PM +0200, Alexander Bürger <acfbuerger@googlemail.com> was heard to say:
> 0======================================================================0
> Info for debian-devel: we try to figure out how to package figtoipe.
> Before version 6.0pre30-1, a version of figtoipe was included in the ipe
> package. Since then, figtoipe is a separate upstream package and also
> gone from the ipe .deb. A new version of figtoipe, which is improved and
> has fewer bugs than the one coming with older ipe versions, exists and
> shall be packaged for debian in a way that it can be installed together
> with any ipe version.
> 0======================================================================0

  I don't understand the question enough, I guess.  What's wrong with
the usual solution?  i.e.,

    figtoipe Replaces ipe (< 6.0pre30-1)
    figtoipe Conflicts ipe (< 6.0pre30-1)

  Using Replaces on its own seems bizarre to me.  OTOH, some packages do
this; e.g., xfce4 Replaces xfce4-dev without conflicting with it. [0]


  [0] you can get the full list with

    aptitude search '?for x: ?replaces(?for y:?not(?x:conflicts(?=y)))'

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