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Re: pwsafe and OpenSSL?

Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   I notice that pwsafe is linked against openssl.  Is it affected by the
> recent debacle and if so, how?  Do I need to regenerate all my
> randomized passwords, or somehow re-encrypt the pwsafe database?

I've looked briefly into it: The Blowfish encryption key is constructed
from a SHA1 built from an initial random value, two zero bytes and the
passphrase. So if an unmodified database created using a broken libssl
copy is exposed to an attacker, it's more open to brute forcing attempts,
but still safe-guarded by the passphrase.

Fortunately the random part is renewed whenever the database is saved.
By my understanding - I don't use pwsafe myself - this should happen
whever an entry is added or modified.

Please double-check that with upstream and send a finalised version
to team@security.debian.org, so that we can add it to
http://www.debian.org/security/key-rollover/ once confirmed.


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