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Re: SAGE packages for Debian

Yes, I realize there is not much time left. I'm also quite busy for the next week or two, after which point I should have time to work on this again. The precise release timeline is very helpful.

I won't be able to reasonably maintain this much software in Debian in the long term, but I will try to get everything into a release-ready condition before the Lenny freeze.

The main task that needs doing is generating patches fixing the various (shared) library issues in upstream packages. Help with this, especially during the next couple weeks, could be very high-impact work, since ideally we want to give the upstream time to do a release after applying the patches we generate to fix their library versioning issues.

Send mail to debian-sage@googlegroups.com to coordinate this, as we've done the relevant work for a couple of the packages already.

The other help that this effort needs is people to maintain these packages in Debian. The list of packages needing maintainers is available from <http://bugs.debian.org/455292>; looking at the individual package page RFP bugs blocking #455292, you can see whether each package is essentially ready for upload or require additional work (which I detail in each case). If you're a Debian maintainer or developer and want to maintain any of these packages, feel free to take the packages, set yourself as maintainer, and upload them.

	-Tim Abbott

On Sun, 11 May 2008, Holger Levsen wrote:


wow, great! You're aware that you need to be done in just a bit more than six
weeks to achieve your goal of being part of lenny?


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