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Re: ITP crypt++el

    I intend to reintroduce crypt++el into Debian because I think we still

I haven't tracked it down yet, but on the face of it, crypt++ doesn't
work with Emacs 22.  When I visit a .tar.gz file, it doesn't get
uncompressed.  jka-compr.el warns that users have to "take out all the
compression entries from crypt++".  Sigh.

    need it. The mentioned alternatives jka-compr and easypg do not provide
    all the features which crypt++.el provides.

Maybe it would be a better way forward to improve jka-compr and easypg
(or whatever else) so that they really are replacements, instead of
continuing down these dual conflicting paths.  But obviously it's not up
to me (any more :).


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