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Re: How to build XEN dom0 and domU kernels based on 2.6.25?

"Daniel Widenfalk" <Daniel@lilla-graen.c.se> writes:

> Ok, so dropping back a step. Let's assume that I build the 3.2.0 XEN
> hypervisor and dom0 kernel using 2.6.18 as base. I should then be able to
> build domU kernel(s) using the linux-source-2.6.25 files? How?
> I can't seem to get CONFIG_XEN set in my .config file. Running "make
> menuconfig" does not show any xen-specific options.
> Regards
> /Daniel

Processor type and features
Paravirtualized guest support
Xen guest support

Only available on 32bit though.


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