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Re: SAGE packages for Debian

Timothy G Abbott wrote:

> I've been working on packaging for Debian SAGE (http://sagemath.org),
>  a large free mathematics software conglomeration that is competing 
> with proprietary mathematical software systems such as Mathematica, 
> Matlab, Maple, and Magma (Debian bug #455292).


> I currently have a working apt repository from which one can "apt-get
>  install sagemath" (some details on the repository are available at 
> <http://wiki.sagemath.org/DebianSAGE>) with some 26 source packages 
> in it that I created for the SAGE dependencies. The repository also 
> contains modified versions of various Debian packages with quick 
> workarounds for bugs #472392, #474080, #474083, #459200.

That is awesome news and I applaud your seriously monumental efforts!

(By the way, #459200 was closed on April 27.)

> If you're interested in helping maintain SAGE and its dependencies in
> Debian, you should join us on the sage-debian@googlegroups.com
> mailing list (I have no objection to eventually migrating to a
> lists.debian.org list in the future, but that's what we've been using
> thus far).
> Any feedback or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

I was going to suggest setting up an Alioth project, but on closer look
I see that the Sage Wiki page mentions that you don't want to use alioth
just yet.

Also, let me suggest that you re-send your email to
debian-science@lists.debian.org -- a lot of science and math folks read
that list who might not read debian-devel very often.

best regards,

Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@gmail.com>
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