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Re: Is master unsuitable to receive mail from lists.debian.org?

Colin Watson wrote:
> Yes, I've been seeing the same thing. It's usually just an irritation,
> but I guess some day I'll hit a threshold and get unsubscribed from a
> bunch of lists.

Wouldn't it be possible to configure the mail server to filter the mail
based on the header content? That is,

 * Is it spam? => Yes => Now do the following:

   1. If mail from a mailing list or precedence Bulk or has List-Id in
headers, discard it
   2. Reject with 5xx - Spam

This is kind of what I have setup postfix to do except I filter based on
source IP - could be easier to setup in master's case. If mail is from a
known mailing list server (eg. debian, sourceforge), it gets accepted
and processed in a post queue filter with spam being dropped. If mail is
not from a known mailing list server, it goes to default configuration
which does pre-queue filtering where spam is rejected with 5xx SMTP
level message.

I'm sure it would be possible to set it up based on the existence of
Priority: Bulk or List-Id: headers.

The only side effect is sometimes the number of connections are more
than the server can filter, but that is not generally a significant
problem. It just means the connection is delayed for a few minutes.

- Adam

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