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Re: latest sid image is broken?

AM> It is a known temporary problem caused by the ... transition,

All I know is on the first days of such transitions, my usual

# apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true --purge dselect-upgrade

barfs up kilometers of broken dep messages, the next day it is fewer,
but still several broken deps... I switch to using upgrade instead of
dselect-upgrade until the latter stops complaining, which might take a

My question is why can't this drama be played out behind the scenes?

Why can't all the dependency stuff be resolved first before it is sent
to sid?

Or is that how dependency problems are detected and hunt down? If so,
then why can't this be played out offline and fixed instead of sending
it to sid for all to share the misery?

There should be a check that no dependency inconsistencies are present
before each daily propagation of sid; or one is not allowed to touch
sid unless the result leaves no dependency inconsistencies.

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