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libqglviewer and two versions of Qt.

I maintain the libqglviewer library - OpenGL 3D viewer library based on Qt.
Currently the library is linked against Qt3, but there are requests about
libqglviewer with Qt4[1][2]. My question is: how long will Qt3 be
available in Debian? I assume it will be available in lenny - if not, please
correct me.

So, I believe I need to provide two versions of libqglviewer - one linked
with Qt3 and one with Qt4. I have some doubts about the issue and I'd be glad
to hear your advice.

1. If there is a package with build-dependency on libqglviewer-dev how
   should the maintainer of the package be able to select which linking
   option (s)he choose?
2. Shall I provide two -dev packages, one providing .pc file for Qt3 linked
   library and one for Qt4?
3. Should the packages conflict with each other or not?
4. How should the packages (either -dev as shared libraries) be named?
5. Is there in Debian any other library suffering from similar problem? I'd
   like to take a look into used solution.

If you noticed any others problems I have not though about, please let me know
about them too.

Best regards

PS. I'm subscribed to debian-devel but not to debian-qt-kde. If you are in
    doubt please Cc me, I'll deal with duplicates.

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/471893
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/477387
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