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Re: intend to hijack GnuPG

On 2008-05-03, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
> the MIA status of its only maintainer. On the contrary you have been
> speculating on the future (in)ability of someone to maintain gpg.
> Anyhow, my post has probably been too rude and I'm sorry for that, but I
> really don't think that yours was the way to go.  First you need to give
> Laszlo a chance, based on the fact that he started the hijack procedure,
> not somebody else. 

I probably could do a long reply here including questioning:
 - public requests of support should not be answered publically if
   unsupportive ?
 - should we take chances on core packages just to give people a chance?
 - the date for filing #476418 and the date of intend to hijack email

But as I think I can only agree with zack in that we disagree, I think I
will end it here.


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