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Sponsor wanted for new newspost package

I have made changes to source package newspost_2.1.1-4, so that a bigger -l (lines) parameter can be given, and and indroduced a new parameter -2 with which it calls another program - such as par2create - to make the desired par2 files. I renamed the dir into newspost-2.1.2.beta.

*Open question*: Is another person presently working on a new version of newspost, if yes, how can I contact him/her?

A test uploading a binary file to the usenet, making the par2 files, and uploading them too, has been *successful*!

I also have successfully checked it with the UseNeXT client, the UseNeXT client could successfully download the files and put them together again.

Upload was done news.t-online.de, Download from news.usenext.de. The call was:

./newspost -v -i news.t-online.de -u xxxxxxxx -p xxxxxxxx -f david_moerike@arcor.de -n de.alt.dateien.misc -s Test8 -y -T 3 -2 'par2create -s12288000' *.mpg

To build the source package with dpkg-buildpackage was not successful, but
dpkg-source -b newspost-2.1.2.beta
has been successful.

Now I need more help to prepare the package for uploading with dput, for uploading it;
and I am looking for a sponsor.

When trying to upload the package with dput, then come following error messages:

david@debian:~/newspost-2.1.2.beta$ dput -P ftp-master debian/newspost.changes
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/bin/dput", line 919, in ?
 File "/usr/bin/dput", line 767, in main
   unsigned_upload, debug)
 File "/usr/bin/dput", line 281, in verify_files
   changes = parse_changes(chg_fd)
 File "/usr/bin/dput", line 80, in parse_changes
   for a in changes.dict['files'].split('\n'):
KeyError: 'files'

My dir shows:


drwxr-xr-x  9 david david     4096 29. Apr 08:01 newspost-2.1.2.beta
-rw-r--r--  1 david david      483 29. Apr 05:49 newspost_2.1.2.beta.dsc
-rw-r--r--  1 david david      435 29. Apr 06:52 newspost_2.1.2.beta.dsc.gpg
-rw-------  1 david david    68954 29. Apr 05:49 newspost_2.1.2.beta.tar.gz


I don't know anything about the file debian/files, so I need help.

At present time I want to build a source package only, the binary package I want to make later.


It follows newpost.changes with signature:

Hash: SHA1


List of Changes

- Option -l changed to default 50000, maximally 5 millions.
- Made new option -2 to call an external program to make the
desired par2 files, after this the newspost program calls
itself recursively one time to upload the par2 files too;
precautions to avoid infinite recursion have been made.

- The extra header option (-X) works again
- Subject line creation is fixed when ALLOW_NO_SUBJECT is defined
- The text prefix is no longer counted in the "UUencoding xx bytes" line
- Updated the contact e-mail address

- Removed all string length limitations
- Fixed zero-padding with -q option ("File 01 of 10" not "File 1 of 10")
- Referencing message IDs (-r option) now works
- Ability to "fake post" files: newspost can add specific files to
generated .SFV and .PAR files, and preserve ' \- File x of y: ' numbering,
but not actually post those files
- Compilation fixes for a variety of platforms

2.0 - Major rewrite
- Yencoding support
- Support for automatic PAR file generation
- Support for posting parts of files
- Optionally edit text prefixes and text posts in external editor
- User-configurable delay before posting
- New header options, including user-specified extra header lines
- New file format for defaults, now in .newspostrc
- Man page :-)
- SFV posted first instead of last
- SFV now specified with "-c" instead of "-v"; now "-v" is "verbose"

1.20 - changes by William McBrine
- .newspost values were sometimes not zero-terminated on rereading,
resulting in garbled settings; fixed
- messages that had a '.' in the first position on a line could be
posted incorrectly; fixed
- changed status display to show "Posting n of n" instead of hash
- lines in the body of the article now end correctly in CRLF,
instead of just LF
- temporary files are no longer created, except in the case of SFVs
generated by newspost
- CRLF vs. LF is now handled correctly in reading and writing files
(and should now work under Windows as well as Unix)
- "Organization" line is now optional; "Subject" parameter is
optionally optional (see source)
- corrected format of "User-Agent" line
- special makefiles for AIX and OSF no longer needed
- much internal reorganization; faster, smaller, and probably easier
to compile

- fixed endless loop that occurs with -v option when one of the
files is deleted before posting is complete
- no longer prints out your password when displaying help
- added a makefile and made changes to support DEC alpha OSF1 V4.0
(thanks Chris Gentle)
- added a makefile for AIX
- documentation updated

- file permissions on ~/.newspost are now changed to 600 when
it is created or modified
- fixed bug in creating headers when -t option is used
- homepage is now included in the user-agent line
- new -V switch to check the version

- the number of digits in the part number field matches the number
of digits in the total part count (thanks Mike Liang)

- no longer uses uulib
- added a makefile for solaris
- now can reply to messages using -r
- misc bugfixes

- fixed typo in newspost -h

- fixed problems with some news servers

- initial release

Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


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