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DEP1: Clarifying policies and workflows for Non Maintainer Uploads


We (Bas Wijnen, Lucas Nussbaum) worked on a Debian Enhancement
Proposal[0] on the policies and workflows for Non Maintainer Uploads

The main purpose of the proposal is:
 * to explicitely allow fixing bugs of severity lower than important in
 * to encourage the use of the DELAYED queue.
 * to try to encourage a responsible approach for NMUs, instead of an
   approach based on strict rules.

This DEP is available on the Debian Wiki[1].

When commenting on this DEP, please create sub-threads on debian-devel@
(changing the Subject) for each point you raise, and avoid discussing
several points in the same mail.

Have a nice flamewar^Wdiscussion!

Lucas Nussbaum and Bas Wijnen

[0] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep0/
[1] http://wiki.debian.org/NmuDep

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