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Re: Package with optional priority depending on extra packages

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Joona Kiiski wrote:
> However, soon the severity was lowered to minor by maintainer with a
> comment: "priority optional and priority extra should probably be
> merged in this regard". Minor severity in BTS in my experience often
> means "not going to fix this soon or maybe ever".

Or in this case, it's a bug which has no outward symptoms today.
> I'm not a DD/DM (and maybe never will be) and not in a position to
> advise any of you, but I just want you to consider the fact that if
> you allow optional packages freely depend on extra packages, it is
> possible that you'll end up in situation where optional packages
> conflict with each other (which under Morphy's law will have
> disastrous effects in dist-upgrade).

Huh? There's no such problem if optional packages conflict. The
primary point in the past of not depending on extra packages from
optional packages was so that the CDs would be ordered, so that
packages on CD #2 wouldn't depend on packages on CD #4. AFAIUI, the
modern cd creation utilities already handle this correctly and pretty
much ignore optional/extra priority.

Don Armstrong

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