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Re: Bug#427697: sbackup uses a non-existent group.

Dear Developpers,

I need your advice for bug #427697: sbackup is configured to use a group
that does not exist on default install systems. The maintainer of the
package is also upstream, and although often blogging on planet.d.o, he
ignores this bug completely. His contact adress on his blog is his @d.o
address, on which he already receives the bugs report, so I have no
alternative way to reach him (apart off-topic comments in his blog, but
I do not want to play that game).

As far as #427697 is concerned, there are two obvious solutions:

1) Use a group that exists. The problems are:
  - I am too inexperienced to pick one that makes sense,
  - I know nothing about python, in which sbackup is programmed,
  - I am only interested in sbackup as a user, not as a DD, and I would
    rather swich to an alternative if it were abandonned.

2) Drop, orphaning or hijiack the package. The problem is:
  - Its maintainer is not MIA.
  - The software is quite useful otherwise.
  - sbackup is a native package, so hijiacking it is not just a matter
    of changing the Maintainer: field.

I use sbackup at work, so I definitely would consider migrating to
something else would the bug be rotting longer. But it would not help
the other persons lured to use an unmaintained package, so I hope that
something can be done.

The best would of course that the maintainer himself would show some
sign of activity. Maybe he has a mail configuration problem ? In this
hypothesis, if a friend of him reads this message, could he forward it
to him ?

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wakō, Saitama, Japan

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