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Heads up: ffmpeg transition (SONAME Change!)

Dear fellow debian developers.

Currently debian/testing ships a very old copy of ffmpeg, dated from
0.cvs20070307. We, the ffmpeg maintainers (Fabian Greffrath and myself)
do not consider that version of ffmpeg acceptable for release in debian
lenny. Many newer applications of ffmpeg (like mplayer) require a newer
ffmpeg to build, others (like xine) are waiting for debian to update the
ffmpeg package.

We have therefore worked very hard in debian/experimental to prepare and
test a good ffmpeg package, which we hereby asking for testing. If you
maintain a package build depending or using ffmpeg, please install the
new ffmpeg package from experimental and rebuild your package against
it. Please report any issues you find at your earliest convenience.

The new ffmpeg package changes sonames, so all reverse dependencies have
to be rebuild. I did an rebuild of all reverse dependencies with the
upstream snapshot in question, but this is already some time ago and in
the meantime, we did work on the packaging and patches on the ffmpeg
package. However, I do not expect serious issues with the new package.

If there are no serious objections, I plan to upload ffmpeg mid to end
of next week. If the release team asks me to upload sooner, no problem.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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