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Re: Misc development news (#6)

Hi Simon,

Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org> wrote:
>>  Since dpkg 1.14.17, dpkg-buildpackage will define the environment
>>  variables CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS and FFLAGS. The goal is to
>>  be able to easily recompile packages with supplementary compilation flags
>>  and to simplify the debian/rules files since CFLAGS has the right default
>>  value (no need to special case for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt).
> This sounds like a bad idea to me, as it communicates instructions
> (CFLAGS) along with intent (DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS). How is a package
> supposed to behave if these differ, or even detect that it is asked to
> do something that is wonky?

I think the same way as it currently does. What do you do, if the user
sets DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt and CFLAGS=-O2? I think that's not a new

Bye, Jörg.
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