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Re: Rejected: epcr_2.3.9-1.dsc: sha1 check failed

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Matthew Johnson wrote:

do you have updated devscripts?

Will this be updated by

    sudo pbuilder update


debsign signs the dsc then updates the
md5 hash in the changes before signing that. It needs to update the sha
checks as well. The latest devscripts does.

I failed to upload with a debuild of gnumed-client twice but it
worked in an updated pbuilder the day before yesterday.  Now I
failed in a pbuilder updated today.

Do I have to start pdebuild out of an "unstable" system?  This
would be a nuisance because I do not want to run unstable on this
machine and regarded pbuilder as a very nice way to maintain a
proper unstable chroot.

Kind regards



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