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Re: Should DMs be allowed to upload to NEW

Le Wednesday 16 April 2008 15:44:56 Neil Williams, vous avez écrit :
> An upload of a new application is nowhere near as complex as the upload
> to start a library SONAME transition. Even uploading a new library never
> seen in Debian before is easier than starting a SONAME transition for a
> library that already exists. I'm sorry, merely by equating those two you
> have lost all credibility in my eyes.

Why should he have to gain any credibility in your eyes ? Were you about to 
help him dealing with this ?

> It's not just about trust, it is about coordination, planning and
> ability. If you think that a SONAME transition is no more disruptive
> than a new application then I have cause to worry about your ability to
> maintain a library in Debian in the first place. It doesn't give me any
> confidence in you or in DMs in general.

Well, ok SONAME is a dangerous thing, warning, warning !!

In the mean time, it's still possible for a DM to upload a different soname in 
the same binary package, which would result in an even worse mess, right ?

I don't like your tone, it's pedantic, because somehow it's legitimate to ask 
this kind of questions regarding the potential harm he already has the right 
to do with the DM upload rights. And I believe you didn't even look at his 
package (neither did I by the way...)

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