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Re: Misc development news (#6)

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

"Someday someone should do this..."

Sometimes I stumble on interesting or useful ideas on mailingslists,
which should be done, but the person having that in mind, doesn't have
time to do those. So I came up with idea of a wiki page, where those
tasks could be collected, so that people willing to do some useful work
(for example because they are in NM and need to prove their skills) can
maybe find some.

I've started collecting some on http://wiki.debian.org/NMTasks and would
be happy if you'd also use this page, to collect such ideas (in a form
other people are able to understand) or to pick those ideas and implement

 -- Holger Levsen

Good idea.  I just added screenshots.debian.org idea that came up on
some discussion at Chemnitzer LinuxTage in March.  It would be nice if
somebody would grab this up - at least the idea will not just vanish
now it is stored somewhere ...

Kind regards



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