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Re: (English-speaking) Canadian users: default to US or "Canadian multilingual" keymap?

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 08:28:12AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I'm seeking advices for #475482.
> console-data recently got a new keymap, namely "ca-multi", which
> features the "Canadian multilingual" keymap. This keymap is
> standardized by standard bodies in Canada and seems to be available
> from several hardware vendors.
> My understanding is that local official bodies are required to use
> this keymap (particularly in Quebec....but the standard seems to apply
> to the entire country). On the other hand, it is pretty leikely that
> English-speaking users in Canada traditionnally use the US keymap (see
> #475482).
> The point is whether the *default* keymap preselected in D-I should be
> "us" or "ca-multi" when English+Canada is chosen. That keymap choice
> also influences the X keymap choice.
> That could be a sensitive choice (linguistic topics in Canada always
> are), which is why I'm seeking for more advice, particularly from
> Canadian users (or users living in Canada).

Well I would say that I haven't seen a french canadian keyboard outside
of quebec, although perhaps the government does use them.  Certainly for
the typical user that actually gets to install Debian on their machine,
those that pick english as the language and canada as the region, will
also pick US keyboard layout in 99.99% of cases, since that's what they
have.  If they were to pick french as their language and be in canada,
then the french-canadian layout would almost certainly be what they
have, since typing french on a US keyboard is quite a pain.

Len Sorensen

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