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Re: exim, local resolver, host name lookups and IPv6

Marc Haber wrote:
In some cases, exim still looks up its IP address when a listening
daemon starts up. This is why the Debian installer configures (not for the local hostname on installation,
yielding /etc/hosts files like       localhost       myfoo.localdomain   myfoo


This being said, I consider the entire business a horrible
hack which is one of the most ugly things I have ever seen. Do we have
a chance to implement this in a more cleaner way, or is it still the
way to go for the distribution, where we don't know zilch about the
environment where an installed system is going to be used?

I second this request. Just a data point: this setup breaks the "vde2" package (namely, its slirp-based part) if a local DNS server that listens on only (e.g., pdnsd) is used. Please find some other way to skin exim.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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