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Re: exim, local resolver, host name lookups and IPv6

* Bernhard R. Link:

> I think the main problem is that Debian is by default setting up those
> ipv6 stuff into the interface even when you are in an pure ipv4
> environment. That way exim4 cannot do anything to avoid ipv6 stuff
> and evil things like this can happen.

Yes, I agree this is a problem, because IPv6 still doesn't work out of
the box because IPv6 networking is initialized too late in the boot

We really, really should fix the latter, or completely disable IPv6 by
default, IOW, somehow prevent that the ipv6 module is loaded.

However, this is kind of secondary to Marc's question.  I think we might
get away without this type of auto-discovery of host names in Exim.
This would sidestep the issue.

Boy, I've never used sendmail that much, but I keep thinking about this
as related to Cw macro initialization.  Weired.

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