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Re: too many conflicts/replaces

Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush <at> debian.org> writes:

> > 2008/4/4, Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush <at> debian.org>:
> > > Martin Schr?der wrote:
> > >  > I'm trying to create a package that will when installed
> > >  > automatically replace all TeX packages on the system with our
> > >  > version of TeX.
> > >
> > > Don't all debian tex packages depend, directly or indirectly, on
> > > tetex-base or texlive-base? You probably could create your own -base
> > > package that conflicts with those, and then pre-depend on it?

(Just kind-of-back from vacation, and I don't know whether this has been
discussed on debian-texmaint)

No, tetex-base is an empty package which hopefully can be removed before lenny
is released, and texlive packages depend on texlive-base-bin which also provides
the tex and pdftex binaries.

> > And then I'd get a conflict when installing that package.
> Why?
> Won't apt-get/aptitude handle proper removal/installation actions for you?

I think it would. Unless Martin actually wants a parallel installation? Maybe
dpkg's diversions would help here?

Martin, which files do you need to replace except the binary and pool files?

Regards, Frank 

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