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Re: debian-multimedia-keyring/debian-backports-keyring in official debian repository?


On Monday 07 April 2008 19:57, Peter Jordan wrote:
> why are the keyrings of debian-multimedia.org and debian backports not
> in the official repository of debian?

I guess this was answered already in this thread :-)

> At the moment you have to install untrusted keyrings before you can use
>  these repositories.

No need to do this without a trust path at all, it just needs five easy and 
documented steps to add those keys with a trust path, for the backports 
archive see:

That said, I would appreciate debian-backports-archive-keyring package in 
Debian main, just like there is a debian-edu-archive-keyring. 

I wouldn't want a debian-multimedia-archive-keyring package in Debian (main), 
as this archive doesnt promise to comply to the DFSG as the other three  
archives do. Contrib would probably fine.

ITPs anyone?


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