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Re: debian-multimedia-keyring/debian-backports-keyring in official debian repository?

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On 04/07/08 15:34, Luk Claes wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> On 04/07/08 13:20, Luk Claes wrote:
>>> Peter Jordan wrote:
>>>> Luk Claes, 04/07/08 20:05:
>>>>> Peter Jordan wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Hi
>>>>>> why are the keyrings of debian-multimedia.org and debian backports not
>>>>>> in the official repository of debian?
>>>>>> At the moment you have to install untrusted keyrings before you can use
>>>>>>  these repositories.
>>>>> Because they are no official Debian services (yet?).
>>>> but the repositories does not need to be official debian services, only
>>>> the keyrings should be available over the official debian repository.
>>> No, as that would imply that they are or at least will be official
>>> Debian services and open the door for every archive provider to ask for
>>> adding their key...
>> Governments need silly all-encompassing rule sets to appear fair.
>> Debian doesn't.  IOW, adding debian-multimedia-keyring and
>> debian-backports-keyring doesn't mean that you've got to add every
>> other unofficial archive keyring, even though that archive's owner
>> screams "that's not fair!".
> Indeed, so we don't need to add these neither even though you scream
> it's unfair :-)

Actually, OP and I are not screaming that not add the 2 keyring
packages is unfair.

> There has to be a line somewhere and the current line makes sense to
> everyone, so I don't need we will change it...

As is your prerogative...

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