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RFH: piuparts testing of the archive


[ for those who don't know piuparts: piuparts tests that .deb packages
(as used by Debian) handle installation, upgrading, and removal
correctly. It does this by creating a minimal Debian installation in a
chroot, and installing, upgrading, and removing packages in that
environment, and comparing the state of the directory tree before and
after. ]

Before the etch release, I did a few piuparts runs on all packages, and
filed the resulting bugs. I'd like someone to take over that task for

What needs to be done is:
- run installation/removal/purge tests for all packages
- run upgrade tests for all packages in etch
- make changes to piuparts to fix false positives or reduce the number
  of failures by ignoring the less critical ones
- file all the bugs (many of those are RC)

The main problem is that there's currently ~4400 failures for the
installation/removal/purge tests. This includes issues about files being
added/removed/modified during the test, which are not as critical as the
tests where installation simply fails. But still.

Skills needed:
- python, since piuparts is written in python
- understanding of issues piuparts reports (mostly maintainer scripts
- ability to deal with large data sets and semi-automate the process by
  writing scripts

I can of course help by running piuparts on all packages with the
needed options, but that's only a small part of the task.

If you are interested, the logs for all packages are available on
http://people.debian.org/~lucas/logs/2008/04/07/ , and a dd-list of the
failing packages is available at
http://people.debian.org/~lucas/logs/2008/04/07-piuparts-ddlist.txt .
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