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patch for gpart to support Windows XP NTFS

Hello, I hacked gpart, and now gpart v0.1a just support NTFS NT/2000 filesystem, If you use Windows XP, you can not use gpart to try to repair ntfs filesystem. The patch is very simple, and i have tested Windows XP profressional with service pack 2. please test the patch in attachment.
diff -Nur old/src/gm_ntfs.c new/src/gm_ntfs.c
--- old/src/gm_ntfs.c	2008-04-04 22:23:55.000000000 +0800
+++ new/src/gm_ntfs.c	2008-04-04 22:25:02.000000000 +0800
@@ -73,9 +73,11 @@
 			return (1);
 		size = NTFS_GETU64(d->d_sbuf + 0x28);
+#if 0
 		size /= clusterfactor;
 		size *= clustersize;
 		size /= d->d_ssize;
 		 * look for an additional backup boot sector at the end of

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