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Re: triggers wishlist

Joey Hess writes ("triggers wishlist"):
> Things I want to see use triggers, in approximate priority order:

One thing I forgot to say yesterday:

If you do the triggerisation by modifying some dh_foobar-called script
called update-foobar, then you do not need to introduce a dependency
on the triggers-supporting dpkg.

Do as I do in my patch for initramfs-tools (#447611), and you can have
update-foobar do its stuff if the triggers are not supported.  That
means you can upload your change now and not wait for the triggers
dpkg to make it into sid or lenny.

Of course you should test your change with the triggers dpkg or you'll
find that your scripts break when the new dpkg makes it into lenny.

(When reading the initramfs-tools patch, you can ditch or ignore the
test for DPKG_RUNNING_VERSION as you like, as that's only dealing with
some buggy early triggers support in an unreleased Ubuntu version.
Also please disregard the comments in the bug report which are not
really of any interest unless you happen to like getting distracted by
a discussion of the purpose of `x' in  test "x$foo" = x  and the like.)


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