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Re: Upstream's complete overhaul of the configuration file - And future handling

Josselin Mouette dijo [Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 09:53:56AM +0100]:
> Why in preinst ? I think it can be done in config/postinst the usual
> way. And of course, this question should be skipped if the file has not
> been modified, and not have a too high priority.

Agree with you here, it makes more sense in preinst. That way it can
also chicken out more easily.

> If the user doesn???t want conversion, either you don???t upgrade at all (in
> which case you indeed need to do it in the preinst) or you simply don???t
> start the daemon, but this sounds suboptimal as well.
> > 2b- If the user does want automatic conversion, do it - and leave the
> >     daemon running. Leave old configuration as reference, appending
> >    .old to filename.
> In the end, this is the only sane thing to do, so you don???t even need to
> ask the question. Just upgrade, convert, and display a big fat warning
> that the configuration has been converted and where is the old file.

Sounds quite sensible, all in all. However, I am not too comfortable
with unilaterally modifying a conffile - Is that legal? Even if the
user has already modified it? No, there is no way I can present a
side-by-side diff... Unless I continue shipping my 0.5.x config file,
just for comparison sake...

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