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Re: where to register TeX related software with doc-base?

Aaron M. Ucko <ucko <at> debian.org> writes:

> Ralf Treinen <treinen <at> free.fr> writes:
> > Sorry if this has been answered before, but looking at section 2.3.3 of
> > the doc-base manual (version 0.8.10) I cannot find a section TeX. If
> > memory serves me right we used to have a section "tex", at least I
> > used to register the docs of some my TeX-related packages there 
> > Has this section been removed on purpose? If yes, where should
> > TeX-related documenation go now?
> Good question; with the currently declared hierarchy, I'd suggest
> Programming/TeX, but I acknowledge that that's still not entirely
> intuitive.

It would be utterly wrong.

The problem with doc-base, at least in the state where I last had a look, was
that it was built along the menu structure (be it debian menus or freedesktop or
whatever), and that simply doesn't cover TeX. I think we just used TeX in
tetex-bin in sarge, and I'm not sure whether we register documentation for
texlive at all. And I cannot check, since I'm on holiday, sitting in an Internet
cafe only to transfer pictures from my camera to a memory stick...

Regards, Frank 

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