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Re: Simple bug left unsolved

On Sunday 23 March 2008, you wrote:
> The "installation-reports"-package has about 1.500 bug reports. It is
> A LOT...


> Maybe one reason is that even the simplest bugs are just left unsolved.

No. It is because the Debian Installer team is really quite small. The 
amount of work that is done by that small team is actually quite amazing.

We do continuously request help with this. See for example the release 
announcement for D-I Beta1.

> A friend of mine reported a bug (#468779) and informed about a simple
> way to solve it. The reply from the maintainer was that it was
> complicated so do something about.

The reply was not that it was too complicated, but that it was outside the 
scope of the installer team.
The issue was that a particular piece of hardware was not supported by the 
current installer. As the installer team does not build its own kernel, but 
merely repackages the general Debian kernels, we just cannot add specific 
drivers to the installer.

> A few days later we solved it for ourselves in 20 minutes. It was very
> easy -- even for such amateurs like us.

Of course. For a user who is relatively skilled in linux it is generally not 
that hard to compile a particular kernel module, copy it into the installer 
environment manually and make things work that way.
However, that does not mean that we can include it as easily in official 
builds. It would be nice if you could appreciate that distinction.

> This specific bug report is about a new Intel network adapter. I would
> expect A LOT more of innocent users to run into the same problem soon.
> They may reject Debian for that reason.

That is why we'll be switching to a new kernel soon, as explained in my 
initial reply to the BR. I do hope that that that will indeed solve your 

> Something should be done to have at least simple bugs resolved fast.

But this is not as simple as it may seem to you. We actually do solve most 
of the "simple" bug reports almost immediately, and even a lot of the not 
so simple ones.
However, we can only do so much as our spare time allows.


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