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Re: Bug#472048: libmtp7 shouldn't depend on udev

Le Sunday 23 March 2008 10:27:00 Rafael Laboissiere, vous avez écrit :
> [I am moving this discussion into debian-devel, in order to get advise from
> the other developers. Please, respect the M-F-T header.]
> The discussion below is about Bug#472048.  I would like to know from people
> using libmtp and its main reverse-dependencies (gnomad2, amarok, and
> rhythmbox) whether it would be okay to change the Depends on udev to
> Suggests, as proposed by the bug submitter.

Recommends seems much better to me, unless you have a general reason for using 

If the submitter wants to install without udev, then Recommends gives him this 
possibility, while most users will still have a full install.

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