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Re: Using apt-file db to find possible conflicts

On Thursday 20 March 2008, Sami Liedes wrote:
> I don't know if there's any previous work on this, but since I as a
> sid user often see conflicts in packages, and I've seen those on
> numerous oldstable->stable upgrades, I thought something could be done
> about it. Actually, most often oldstable->stable updates seem to me to
> have been more like iterative processes, rerun dist-upgrade until no
> errors.
> So I wrote a script[1] to get a list of packages with identically
> named files from the apt-file database and to run `apt-get --dry-run
> install' for each pair of these potentially conflicting packages to
> see if apt can find a way to install both of them at the same time.

Oddly enough, I just whipped up a similar script [1] for finding conflicts 
between kde3 and kde4 packages.  Instead of finding any conflicts between all 
packages in a Contents-*.gz file, it finds any conflicts between a single 
package and the any of the available apt-file lists.  It's quite stupid as it 
doesn't bother to check for existing Conflicts or Replaces entries, and it 
uses apt-file VERY inefficiently.

Perhaps these two scripts could be combined into something genuinely useful.

[1] http://mrk.homelinux.net/hack/debian/pkg-test/findconflicts.sh

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