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Re: Version numbering for security uploads of native packages

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 04:46:54PM +0100, Vincent Danjean wrote:
> Bas Wijnen wrote:
> > Ok, that makes sense.  However, with +nmu1, there still is the problem
> > of how to name security uploads.  With +s1, they sort after +nmu1, which
> > I think is wrong.
> > 
> > But we're talking about uploads to stable and testing anyway, so the
> > +etch1 and similar version extensions are used.  Do we want to solve the
> > bug that they can have incorrect order?  They should at least start with
> > +X, where X is >> 'b' and << 'n', if they want to sort correctly with
> > respect to binNMUs and source NMUs.
> I did not see any comments about Raphael's proposition (that seems better
> to me):
> Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > It's possible, you just have to put the increment number before the
> > "type" of upload:
> > - +c0.nmu (non maintainer upload)
> > - +c1.sec (security upload)
> > - +c2.su (stable update)
> >
> > Unfortunately "+0.nmu" sorts before "+b1" so I had to put "+c0.nmu" so
> > that binnmu sort lower. And "c" could mean "change" or "external change".

I don't really like the c, but it also isn't really needed, as Russ
pointed out:

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 10:26:44AM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> There's no reason why we have to stick to one suffix.  +s1+nmu1 for an NMU
> after a security upload is ugly but functional, and the next maintainer
> release would reset all the suffixes anyway.  Likewise with appending
> another +bN for a binary NMU.  As near as I can tell, since you would
> never base an NMU or security update on a binary NMU, the worst case is
> +s1+nmu1+b1, which isn't really that horrible.

You can base security uploads on NMUs, so I think you could get
+s1+nmu1+s1+nmu1, etc.  Or should it go from +s1 to +s1+nmu1 to +s2 to

I prefer the longer versions in this case.  When a package gets too many
security and other non-maintainer uploads, it should probably be
orphaned or co-maintianed anyway (since there's appearantly a lot to do,
and the maintainer isn't doing it).

> > Turning "debian" into "deb" and "testing" into "+" would make it better
> > "1.7.5+nmu3+deb3.1+.1" is comparable in length to the current
> > "1.7.5+nmu3+lenny1"
> If you go this route, please make it +deb31, not +deb3.1.  The extra dot
> is historically special and indicates a binNMU.

Hmm, the second dot probably has the same meaning then.  So we should go
for +deb31[+]_1 or something?  To make it clear again:

+deb is a fixed part which means this is a security upload
31 is the current (at time of upload) stable release
+ means this is an upload to testing, skipping it means to stable
_ is a fixed part to separate the 31 and the 1
1 is a counter to allow more security uploads following this one.

And once again the problem that is to be solved by this: When testing
and stable are at the same version, and both get a security upload, the
version in testing must not be lower than that in stable.


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